CE Programs

There are three types of VU continuing education courses:

1. Can get VU continuing education courses and get regular credits

2. Can get Continuing education credits approved by the California Acupuncture Board

3. Can obtain the approved continuing education credits of NCCAOM across the United States

VU will provide diversified continuing education courses for Chinese and Western doctors and all walks of life. The details will be explained in each continuing education pamphlet.

The regular credits for continuing education courses that can be awarded by VU are as follows:

Complete Program List for Institution Code #27129906:

Complete Program List for Institution Code #27129906.pdf

CourseProgram/Course TitleCourseCourse
               Program 1. New Classic Herbal Formula System                                    
 CE 101Clinical Application of the Classical Prescription of Wen Bing345
CE 102Eight Topics on Herbal Medicine and Prescription345
CE 103New Classic Prescription System345
CE 104Modern Application of the Prescription of Shang Han Lun345
CE 105Classical Prescription of Chinese Medicine345
CE 106Classical Prescription of Chinese Medicine345
CE 1073rd Classical Prescription of Chinese Medicine 345
Program 2. Herbal Dietary Therapy and Herbal Medicine
CE 201Dietary Therapy and Chinese Medicine345
CE 202Clinical Application of Dietary Herbal Medicine345
Program 3. Consotherapy
CE 301TCM Oncology and Consotherapy10150
CE 302Bie Jia Jian Wan, Past and Present345
Program 4. Clinic Practice Skill Training
CE 401Fatigue Symposium115
CE 402Instant Training Class of Auricular Medicine115
CE 403Instant Training Class of Spinal Medicine115
CE 404From Short to Tall, An Unique Experience on Children Using Chinese Medicine115
CE 405Case Analysis of Serious Diseases115
CE 406Difficult Diseases and Chinese Medicine115
CE 407Chinese Medicine for Skin Care115
CE 408Chloasma, Acne, Skin Aging and Chinese Medicine115
CE 409Clinical Experience of Professor Yaoting Zhou115
Program 5. Safety and Development
CE 501New Guideline of Herbal Medicine115
Program 6. Public Healthcare and Chinese Medicine115
CE 601Four Health Care Methods of Chinese Medicine115
CE 602Four Paths to Good Health Using Chinese Medicine115
Program 7. The Symposium of Continuing Education
CE 701Oriental Medicine and Cultural Festival230
CE 702World Conference on Oncology and Chinese Medicine230
CE 703International Conference of Integrative Medicine230
CE 704International Conference of Integrative Medicine230
CE 705Continuing Education Symposium230

Course Description

1. New Classic Herbal Formula System

There are more than half million of herbal formulas in Chinese medicine history. Three hundreds of them are very practical. These courses discuss the clinical applications of each of the formulas.

2. Herbal Dietary Therapy and Herbal Medicine

These courses help the licensed acupuncturists increase their knowledge and skills of the application of dietary herbs and herbal medicine. They also help medical doctors and other healthcare professionals understand dietary herbal therapy and herbal medicine. The content includes analysis of dietary herbs and medicinal herbs.

3. Consotherapy

Consotherapy is a system of consolidated therapies based on Chinese medicine to improve health quality of cancer patients. These courses include the discussions of the theory, research, and clinical applications.

4. Clinic Practice Skill Training

These courses provide practical trainings for licensed acupuncturists to improve their diagnostic skills and treatment effectiveness in using acupuncture and herbal medicine. It also helps medical providers and other healthcare professionals get trainingsin specific topics of Chinese medicine.

5. Safety and Development

The safety of herbal medicine and acupuncture are always important in clinical practice.  These classesdiscusses the new guidelines of FDA and states.

6. Public Healthcare and Chinese Medicine

These courses teach the four ways of Chinese medicine in health care, including emotion, diet, environment, and life habit.

7. The Symposium of Continuing Education

The courses offered in this program are to provide advanced studies of Chinese medicine and promote communications nationally and internationally to improve the knowledge and skills of the profession.